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How to Become Rich in Easy Way and Short Time


How to Become Rich…The Tips that you always wanted to know!

I am sure that 9 out of 10 of us would like to read and gain knowledge from this article as it speaks about something that we all want—MONEY! Of course it is true that money cannot buy happiness, money cannot buy everything. But it is similarly true that money can buy many things, if not all. It gives us security, a good life with all amenities, good medical facilities, education and entertainment along with luxuries. Now the question is, how do we earn it sufficiently or let me put it this way, how do we become rich?

Many of us tend to assume that if we work hard and save money, then one day, we will end up wealthy. This is wishful thinking, a utopia. We are more likely to end up with some modest but useful savings. If you want to accumulate a lot wealth then there a number of approaches.

Probably the most effective way to become rich is to own a business first and then sell it. It can be any business like a beauty parlour, a preparatory school or a small restaurant. You need all the skills, dynamism, perseverance and diligence of an entrepreneur. But if you can manage to do it, you will reap huge rewards.

Secondly, if you can accumulate equity positions in one or more start-up companies then there you will gain an opportunity for a serious capital gain.

It is seen that in general the self-employed expert has greater earnings opportunities than one who works for a company. Explore and exploit your skill as a self-employed expert. If you can develop a marketable skill and retain your independence then you can reap considerable rewards. This is the way how sports stars, authors and entertainers become wealthy.

Buying and selling property has always worked. Buy a property and then sell it when the price increases. Even if you get 50% extra on the cost price, it will be worth.

Another very effective way of accumulating lots of money is through making steady investments in stocks over a long period. Choose wisely and reinvest the dividends; then you can build a large store of wealth. Of course the value of stocks can go down as well as up and many small investors lose heart when their portfolio plunges. But over a long-term, equities are as good an investment as property.

A few lucky people inherit wealth and property. If you are not born out of rich parents, you can marry a rich person!


A very age old way of becoming rich would be to be in a steady job, cut down expenses and save. This is a prudent practice and reduces your financial risk though not an effective method of becoming rich.

We have often heard about lottery winners and poker stars so this approach can sometimes work. But this is not a very advisable way.

Of course money is important in life but remember there are more important things in life than accumulating wealth. Money without a family, friends and love is actually useless! So balance your life well and try to become rich; not at the cost of your relationships…