How to be a perfect mother!

MotherSince the time when our world was created, a mother has carried her child in her womb for 9 months before the child was able to see the light of the world. To every child, his/her mother is a perfect being with no imperfections. It is not at all easy to be a ideal mother. There are no fixed or written rules on how to be an ideal mother or an ideal parent. One has to use her heart as well as brain simultaneously to become one.

The most important responsibility of a good mother would be to instill the best values in her child’s mind and bring the child up as a confident, happy and good human being with lots of compassion for others. She is mostly responsible for inculcating the best of the family values in her children. Moreover, she should be an epitomy of patience to put up with the childish tantrums and make the child feel satisfied and happy without being over-indulgent. She should try to be the child’s best friend irrespective if the child is a boy or a girl. In other words, she should be like the child’s guiding angel

It has been observed that an ideal mother is usually a mixture of toughness and softness. Ideally, she should be like that fruit that has a hard covering on the top with a soft kernel inside! The ideal mother should be an imperturbable woman who is more energetic than restless in habits. Her sense of proactiveness and intuition should be very strong. She should be sharp enough to read her child’s mind or even judge his future actions.

As an ideal mother, she should teach the child the difference between good and evil; between right and wrong. She should undertake her responsibility of parenting well and should not lose her patience or give up her task. Criticism when done should be in a constructive manner. A true mother will never compare her child with others but see the uniqueness in her own child. Comparison if done by her, will be on the pretext of inspiring and motivating the child to be like somebody who has achieved a lot in life; never to humiliate!

And to end our discussion we may say that an ideal mother is like the light of a child’s life. With the help of this light, the child learns etiquettes and mannerisms, develops his personality, his outlook about various things of life and also shapes his overall being!

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